Marouka Stay Information

Staying at Marouka

A visit to Mt Hotham and staying at a club lodge is a unique experience and takes a little planning.  It is worth reading over this information and making yourself a checklist so that you are prepared.

Location & How to Get to Marouka


Marouka is located at 116 Great Alpine Rd, Hotham Heights, Victoria. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Getting There:

Resort entry fees apply during the Snow season, they help pay for things like the free village bus, snow clearing, Ski Patrol and other services. 


Marouka is located at 116 Great Alpine Rd, Hotham Heights.

From Harrietville, drive into Hotham Heights, past the Big D and the General, Marouka is the second on the right after Jack Frost, near to Bus Stop 7.  From the Omeo approach drive past Dinner Plain and on to Hotham, you will begin to see lodges on the left hand side of the road from about Bus Stop 8, Marouka is located between Trapdoor and Karoondah lodges, just near Bus Stop 7.

Your vehicle should be adequately prepared for alpine conditions when visiting the area.  In particular during winter you should ensure anti-freeze is added to the radiator coolant in the correct proportion for Australian Alps.  Make sure your battery is in good condition.  There is no fuel available on the mountain, the closest outlets are in Bright and Omeo.  If you drive a diesel vehicle, please consider filling up with alpine diesel fuel before you drive up the mountain.  Temperatures can get low at any time of the year which can cause problems for this fuel type. 

During the Snow season, chains must be carried by all vehicles and fitted where directed.  Chains can be hired from retail hire outlets located in towns on both the Harrietville and Omeo approaches to Hotham.  From our experience it is a great idea to add a torch, an old towel, some old gloves and something to kneel on, as fitting chains can be muddy work. When you hire your chains from Hoys Harrietville – they offer a free fitting & removal mobile service on your way up & down the mountain (Harrietville approach only). Chains & gear also available at Hoys Omeo Ski shop. Hoys offer Marouka members and guests a discount in 2023, go to the end of this page for details.

For your first time to Hotham during the Snow season it is worth considering making the drive along the road from Harrietville up the mountain during the day.  The road is sealed all the way, but snow on the road and foggy conditions can make visibility and driving very challenging at night.

When you arrive, park in one of the short-term or day parking spaces near the lodge on the Great Alpine Road and unload your car.  Once you have unloaded you will need to move your vehicle to one of the overnight car parking spaces towards Wire Plain.  These overnight parking areas are well sign-posted.  You can catch one of the free village busses back up to Bus Stop 7 and Marouka.

During the Green season (October – May) it is not compulsory for vehicles to carry chains, but it is always worth checking the weather forecast just in case they might be needed.  Resort entry fees do not apply during this time of year. At this time of year you can park your vehicle along the Great Alpine Road in the signposted areas or at the rear of the lodge by driving along Davenport Drive. 

Public transport

Options for public transport vary between the Snow season and the Green season, options include Snowball Express , HothamBus, PTV, Alpine Spirit.  If the drive up from Harrietville is not your bag, there is a park and ride service offered by Hoys.

Travelling by air.

Hotham is serviced by a local airport with a number of options as well as services into Albury.  Click here for more details.

Postage to Marouka

If posting items, do this well in advance! Mail only gets delivered Mt Hotham twice a week (usually Tues and Fri). Here’s how to address your package:

Your name (or name of person collecting it)

Marouka Lodge
C/- Mt Hotham Post Office

Lot 1, Great Alpine Rd, 

Hotham Heights, 3741

Mail sent to Marouka goes to the Post Office, not directly to the lodge. Take a photo of the package if you can – this helps a lot when staff are trying to find your mail!

The post office is also the supermarket and is located inside The General (the pub). The bar staff look after the post office, so with some bribery it may be possible to access items after post office hours. Sometimes it may be possible for someone from Marouka to collect your parcel on your behalf – ask if you need some assistance.  

Retail and Dining:

Hotham village has a couple of retail grocery outlets and many dining options during the Snow season.  During the Green season (October – May) the General Store is open for dining and has a small grocery outlet and there is also a small supermarket at Hotham Central.  Most guests tend to bring some food with them and obtain any regular perishables from the outlets on the hill.  There are also restaurants across the village together with equipment hire outlets.  If you are travelling by air or public transport, it may be worth considering getting your groceries delivered from the Hotham Central Supermarket.

There is no chemist or service station at Mt Hotham, the closest outlets are in Bright and Omeo.

Inside Marouka:


Pillows, doonas and ample blankets are supplied at Marouka.  You will need to bring your own sheets, pillow slips, and towels.  We have a shoes-off policy beyond the entrance foyer and it can get quite cold, so bringing your slippers is a great idea too.  Sleeping bags are not allowed.

If you forget your bed linen and towels, or are travelling to Hotham via air, we do have a small selection of linen that can be borrowed, provided it is laundered before you leave.


The lodges have a fully equipped kitchen that includes crockery, cutlery, glasses and cooking utensils, microwave ovens, convection ovens, stovetops, fridge/freezers and food storage cupboards.  We also have an ALDI coffee machine that uses coffee pods, a sandwich press, toaster, wok, cling wrap, foil and a large variety of fry pans and pots etc.  There are also cleaning materials.  We do not have a dishwasher, and guests are expected to clean up after themselves as well as wash their dishes promptly after use in consideration of other people staying in the lodge.

We separate our compost and recycling from landfill.

During your stay you can store your food items in the fridge and cupboard that corresponds with your room number.  Any overflow can be stored on the shelves in the rear airlock, keeping fire exits clear.  Freezers are located in the downstairs work room – we recommend that you label your freezer items with your name or room number using one of the markers in the kitchen if you have not done so already.

Dining Area:

Marouka has a number of tables of differing sizes that look out to the northern view over the resort.  During busy times, guests may need to be mindful of the demand on the big table from larger groups.  Please clean up promptly after you have finished your meal in consideration for others using the dining tables.

Lounge Room:

The lounge room is where the fun happens after the day’s activities.  Marouka has a well-stocked games cupboard, and the lounge room is laid out around the gas fire, perfect for socialising and making new friends.  Please keep the noise down late at night and early in the morning though!  Sleeping overnight is not permitted in the lounge room or in the quiet room upstairs.  While screen time and devices are a fact of life these days, we ask that guests are mindful of how others are using the lounge room as well.  There is an additional quiet space on the top floor that often better suits people who are using their devices.  Marouka does not have television, any streaming services and we do not provide WiFi.

Lodge Chores:

In order to keep costs down (and your accommodation as affordable as possible) all guests at Marouka are expected to contribute to the housekeeping of the lodge during, and at the conclusion of their stay.  What this means is that each room has a couple of cleaning tasks assigned to them, along with vacuuming their bedroom at the conclusion of their stay.  You will find details of the chores assigned to your room either on the back of the bedroom door or adjacent to it.

Drying Room, Laundry and Equipment Storage:

Marouka has a drying room located just off the foyer where you can hang clothes, store your boots and other footwear.  Skis, snowboards, toboggans and other equipment can be stored in the racks in the foyer and the laundry.  There is a work-room just off the foyer where you can wax and tune your equipment, best to BYO tools for this though.  On your last day you can store your luggage here prior to departure.  If you need to dig snow in order to get your car out, to help clear a fire exit (or to build a snow man, dig a snow cave, build an igloo etc) shovels can be found in the work room.  Please be sure to return equipment to the lodge in the correct location.  During the Green season, bikes and any other equipment are best stored in the drying room and work room, remembering to keep fire exits clear.  The laundry (and a handy last-minute bathroom) is also located just off the foyer and features a top loading washing machine, laundry trough and dryer.  Laundry detergent is provided for Marouka property, please bring your own detergent and dryer sheets for laundering your own personal items. 


The main access door has a security coded keypad.  The door code changes regularly, and we ask that for the security of your belongings and those of your fellow guests, that this door code is not shared with people not staying at Marouka.  You will be notified of the door code via email before you arrive.  During the Green season, guests typically use the rear door to the lodge.

General Information:

Your booking confirmation nominates your room, the manager may ask you to change rooms at their discretion.  

The rooms do not have a door key.

Smoking is not permitted in the Lodge.

Check in is after 4pm and check out is before 2pm. If arriving earlier than 4pm, you can leave your luggage in the locker room until you can check in or if you are leaving later than 2pm you can leave your luggage in the locker room after you check out.

All common areas are available for all patrons, and need to be left tidy and clean after use.

All patrons should be mindful of the needs of others.

Keep noise to a minimum, particularly at night and early in the morning

Non-paying guests may visit in the common areas, but are not permitted to stay overnight.  Patrons are responsible for the behaviour of their guests (including paying for any damage they may cause).

The Lodge Manager represents the Club’s management.  If something is not working, you require assistance or advice, or you would like to make a suggestion or complaint, please see them.  The Lodge Manager is empowered to take any necessary action to ensure the proper running of the Lodge, including maintenance.  Please report any maintenance issue to the lodge manager.

When you leave:

Clean, vacuum and tidy your room and empty the spaces you used in the refrigerator, freezers and kitchen cupboards etc.

Ensure all windows and doors are closed (this is also important during your stay!) and return any shovels or other equipment that you have borrowed.

2023 Hoys discount offers for Marouka members and guests

Hoys is a family business operating at Hotham for over 80 years and offer the following in the 2023 ski season.

Marouka guests can receive 20% off all ski & board hire packages. (Walk in rates)

Upgrade to 30% off ski & board packages if you book online (minimum 3 days prior to arrival)

Early Bird special – get an additional 5% off if you book before June 1st 2023 (some exclusions apply)

Get your 5th consecutive days rentals for free

New Epic Pass holders hire specials – lowest offered rates

When you hire chains from Hoys Harrietville – you’ll be eligible for their free fitting & removal mobile chain service (Harrietville approach only)

Chains & gear also available from Hoys Omeo Ski shop

Hoys @ Jack Frost is the closest ski rental shop to Marouka. This shop opens until midnight on Friday nights in peak season

Offering exceptional service, staffed by keen skiers & boarders & pride themselves on quality equipment

Book today to get the best deal, service & gear at