Marouka Ski Club Established 1968

The Marouka Lodge at Mt Hotham is ideally situated just off the main road next to the Jack Frost bus stop (No. 7). Marouka is an open family-oriented membership club and welcomes public guests. With a ski out option down Frosty’s Drop and easy return with the bus stop nearby, Marouka is a great place to stay for skiing at Mt Hotham.

Just click on the “Make a Booking” button to view availability and access the booking system.

For availability, rates and booking rules, use to the “Ski Lodge Details” menu on the booking page or click here for the rates page.

About the 2024 White Season:

[last update 12/3/24] Opening weekend date – Kings Birthday Weekend. The resort will open on 7 June for the 2024 Snow Season and the booking system is open. Check the booking page for availability and to make a booking.

For the latest from the Mt Hotham Resort Management Board, click here and scroll down to Latest News section.


Cancellation Policy: Please read Marouka Lodge’s cancellation policy below:.

You may cancel your booking without cost if the first day of your planned visit is more than 30 days in the future. You will be credited for any payment you have made for the booking, which may be applied to any other booking you have or intend to make. If you require a refund, please notify the Booking Officer.

Please avoid making an online cancellation if your intention is only to change some aspect of the booking. Contact the Booking Officer instead.

If you cancel your booking within 28 days of your planned visit, then you will only receive a 50% credit. You cannot cancel a booking within seven (7) days of your arrival—no refund will be given.

Note that Marouka honours the Mt Hotham Snow Guarantee. If all lifts are shut during your planned stay, then the rate you pay will automatically be reduced to Green season rates for those days, even if you are already on the mountain. You will be credited or refunded the difference.

The Marouka lodge is operating under a Covid Safe operating plan. We will be following government guidelines, please refer to the website for further information and current updates:

A Safe Operating Plan has been developed to enable the lodge to open under the current situation and regulations. Click here for a copy of the Operating Plan.

COVID – We ask all guests if they have cold symptoms prior to arriving or during your stay to please test regularly to ensure you have not contracted COVID. Marouka Ski Club Lodge is a shared accommodation venue and it is not feasible to isolate for any length of time if you are COVID positive.

If you do test positive during your stay, we will ask that you leave the lodge and return home or to a place where you can isolate as soon as is practicable. Please ensure all of your party are aware of this important notice as all ‘roommates’ of a guest with a confirmed Covid diagnosis will also be asked to vacate the premises.

We will be recommending members and guests bring a sufficient supply of RATs to cover their stay. The club will keep a limited supply but charge out at cost.