Booking Information

Booking Rules and Rates will soon be available on this website. In the meantime, email the booking officer ( who can send them to you.

Bookings for the ski season first open to Foundation Members, typically in late February then they open to Associate Members about a month later, typically in late March then they open to the public typically around late April. The exact dates and times for opening each category vary from year to year and can be obtained by email on request from the booking officer (

All bookings must be made through the online system accessed within this website. Use the “Make a Booking” button to go to the booking system.

Process for Making a Booking

  1. Click on the Make a Booking button.
  2. Follow the instructions.

Bookings entered in the online system are held as TENTATIVE for 7 days to allow time for payment. If payment is not completed within 7 days the booking will automatically cancel and someone else may book that slot. Once your payment is received, the status of your booking will change to CONFIRMED. 

In the week prior to your stay, the system will send you and automated message with the code for door entry to the lodge and information about the requirements for your stay. 

If you have issues, you may contact  the Booking Officer by email (, or by phone (1300 666 883) who may be able to assist.

Telephone Enquiries

Telephone enquiries can be made to the Booking Enquiry number 1300 666 883 but phone enquiries will NOT be regarded as a booking. All booking must be though the online system. If you require help with making a booking, the Booking Officer may be able to assist. Bear in mind that the Booking Officer works full-time, and may not always be available to assist at the time you call. Most issues are best managed by email but if you need to speak to the booking officer send an email to the booking officer and he will call you.

Booking Periods

  • Weekly bookings commence at 2 pm Sunday, and finish at 10 am on the following Sunday.
  • Short Week commences at 2 pm Sunday, and finishes at 10 am on the following Friday
  • Weekend commences at 2 pm Friday, and finishes at 10 am on the following Sunday
  • All Days commence at 2 pm that day, and finish 10 am the following day.