GPS: -36.9939, 147.1519   S36° 59.635' E147° 09.114'

Marouka Lodge is ideally situated just off the main road, near village transport and intermediate ski access trails. The lodge is located about 1½ km from Hotham Central towards Dinner Plain. The lodge area where Marouka is located is referred to as the Davenport estate.

Qantas no longer flies to Mt Hotham airport. You can fly to Albury and take a coach up. Several charter air services fly directly to Mt Hotham.

Snowball ExpressHothamBus and O’Connell’s offer scheduled coach services to Mt Hotham. You can also get to Bright via V/Line rail and coach.

Also consider ride sharing through

Driving toward Dinner Plain from Hotham Central, you pass the Big D lift on your right. Another 200 m further on is an illuminated beer sign above the Jack Frost/ARCO restaurant, shops and ski hire. Marouka is the second building after Jack Frost.

Short term parking is available on the main road opposite the lodge, where you can unload your luggage. Do not park, even temporarily, in the carpark for the adjacent lodge, although you can walk that way to carry your belongings. You can walk straight up the embankment from the road, but beware as it maybe wet or icy.

Once unloaded, move your car to the overnight parking areas down the road. Remember to leave your handbrake off so that the brakes do not freeze on. In winter the free Hotham Village Transport busses run every few minutes to bring you back to the lodge (“Jack Frost” stop).

In budgeting for your winter trip, don’t forget the Resort Entry Fee. The gatehouse leading up the road is no longer used. Your best bet is to pay online in advance. You can go into the office at Hotham Central and pay there if you prefer. If you plan to park more than ten nights over the entire season, consider purchasing a Season Entry Permit (even cheaper if purchased before 1 May each year). 

In summer you can drive into the Davenport estate and park right behind the lodge without charge.

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