Marouka has used PayPal for several years as the preferred payment gateway for the online booking system.

PayPal has a strong reputation for security and ease-of-use. For the Booking Officer, the reconciliation of payments with bookings is automatic.

If you have a PayPal account, then you are are already set up to complete payment from your preferred source (credit card or bank account).

However, if you neither have nor want a PayPal account, you can still use it to complete your online credit card transaction without obligation. 

Ideally you should pay for your booking when you make it, which will confirm it immediately. But if you need to delay payment, then return to the booking system, log in as a lodge member if you are one, then find the menu item to view your bookings. Follow the links to complete payment.

If you are coordinating payment for a large group booking, please consider making a direct bank deposit. This will save Marouka the administrative fee that PayPal charges us. Please contact the Booking Officer for the account details. Always include the booking reference number with your payment.

While we still accept cheque payment, it is not recommended.