Marouka Lodge is an easy-going place. After all, you’ll have left your day-to-day worries at home when you come to stay! Nonetheless, here are a few things to note about the way the place works.

To keep costs down, Marouka Lodge neither employs cleaners nor subscribes to a laundering service. There is a washing machine and dryer downstairs, but only for occasional use.

Pillows and doonas are provided for all beds. Members and guests are expected to bring a pillowcase, bottom sheet and either a topsheet or a doona cover. By regulation, sleeping bags are not to be used. Personal towels and soap should also be brought from home.

Each bedroom has assigned a particular duty to be completed in addition to vacuuming the bedroom. Duties include vacuuming common areas, cleaning an ensuite and removing rubbish to the collection point outside. Duties are to be completed when required and before departure.

Members and guests staying at Marouka Lodge are expected to:

  • be respectful of the comfort and needs of other members and guests
  • stay in the booked bedroom unless permitted or asked to shift by the Lodge Manager
  • bring their own food from home, and cook it themselves
  • clean up after themselves, including washing their own dishes, cookware and utensils
  • not eat food in the bedrooms
  • conserve gas and electricity, including use of hot water
  • report any fault or malfunction (e.g. light globe out) to the Lodge Manager—they must NOT attempt to rectify a problem without permission
  • keep the entrance door shut and not publicise the secure door code
  • store footware in the drying room, not worn upstairs
  • not smoke indoors
  • enjoy themselves!
  • come back and stay often!