Unforeseeable circumstances arise, and you may have to change your accommodation booking. Marouka is a small lodge, so consider carefully the impact of your change request on others and the operation of the lodge. The following rules apply to members, guests and groups.

You can cancel your entire booking using the Booking System. But changes to a booking (eg. add or remove guests, alter dates) cannot be made through the Booking System. To change your booking, contact the Booking Officer directly and ensure that your request is received and negotiated.

Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the changes. If additional payment is due, it must be paid immediately. If your total accommodation costs less, you will be refunded (or credited) the difference.

If any individual in the booking party, or the entire party, must cancel the trip, or any part of it, then the availability of a refund depends on the warning given.

  • For a cancellation more than 28 days in advance of scheduled arrival, a full refund will be granted.
  • For a cancellation between 7 and 28 days in advance of arrival, only a 50% refund is granted.
  • No refund is offered if less than 7 days notice is given.

Under no circumstances should you change a booking by cancelling it and starting over! There may be a waiting list of prospective guests who will take your place. Furthermore, if you do this within a month of your scheduled arrival, you will not receive a full credit. It will be a nightmare for the booking officer and treasurer to straighten out. Again, if you need to change a booking, please contact the Booking Officer directly.

We recommend that if you are booking for a group in multiple rooms, you should make a separate booking for each room. 

If you are blocked by road closure from reaching Marouka to start your holiday, you will be refunded in full for the nights you miss. You are expected to resume your trip as soon as the road is open. However, if the closure was well-predicted and you could have reasonably taken an alternate route (e.g. via Omeo from Melbourne), no refund will be offered for the nights you miss.

Remember that Marouka Lodge has a Snow Guarantee, and will only charge summer rates if the lifts are not operating during your booked accommodation period. You will be refunded (or credited) the difference.