When planning accommodation at Marouka Lodge, please note the following:

  • All dates refer to the nights stayed at Marouka. Weekend nights are Friday and Saturday, unlike a calendar—be careful when using the Booking System.
  • Midweek nights are Sunday to Thursday, and are offered at a 25% discount to the weekend rates.
  • Remember that off-peak rates are at about 33% discount to peak rates.
  • Rooms are booked in their entirety, but paid by individual bed-night. They have a minimum occupancy.
  • The exception is Room #7 which has two beds that are booked individually. This room may be shared hostel-style.
  • When the lodge is at full capacity, the Lodge Manager may ask some guests to exchange rooms for comfort and convenience.
  • The rates for premium rooms #2, #5 and #8 are 33% above the standard rates.
  • A booking is only confirmed when FULL payment has been completed. Use of the online booking and payment facility is preferred. Bookings MUST be paid within seven days of booking.
  • A Foundation Member is permitted to book up to 3 accompanying guests using the Foundation Member Guest rate. For additional guests in the party, or if the Member never attends during their stay, they must pay the Foundation Member Sponsored rate (equivalent to the Associate rate).
  • Associate Members may book 1 accompanying guest at the Associate Member Guest rate. Others pay at the Public Guest rate.
  • Public guests with substantial bookings planned are invited to take out Associate membership in advance to reduce their cost.
  • Corporate membership rates are given to designated groups such as companies, outdoor activity clubs and Disabled Wintersport Australia. Special arrangements are made for these bookings.
  • We recommend that if you are booking for a group in multiple rooms, make a separate booking for each room. This will make changes and cancellations easier to manage.
  • Exclusive use of Marouka during the summer season (except Christmas to New Year) can be arranged on a fixed price. A Foundation Member must be present. Please contact the Booking Officer directly to make arrangements.
  • Snow Guarantee - if all lifts are stopped due to lack of snow, Marouka's rates drop to summer rates even if you are already at Marouka. You will be credited the difference.

See the accommodation rates for 2017.

Also take note of the cancellation policy.