Accommodation bookings should not be made by ringing the lodge or booking officer. For many years Marouka has implemented an Online Booking System. You can always trust that the room and bed availability is completely up to date!

Read below to learn more, then click the button to open the booking system. NEW for 2015: a mobile version of the booking system opens on smartphones and tablets.

If you wish to alter an existing booking, or experience difficulty making an online booking, contact the Booking Officer for assistance.

Before booking, ensure that you read the Booking Rules.

Note that booking payment is conducted through PayPal. Credit card payments can be processed by PayPal even if you neither have nor want an account with them.

You can view a snapshot of current room and bed vacancies directly by following this link to the Lodge Availability page of the booking system.

Members should log in before making a booking. The Booking Officer will inform members of their log-in details—if you forget, use the Member Reminder form on this website.

Members should log in to make bookings because:

  1. Fields are pre-filled with their details
  2. Reduced member rates are only available when logged in
  3. They can see which other members have booked by rolling over the booking grid
  4. Bookings are immediately confirmed after payment
  5. Statements of accumulated amounts owing are presented.

Log-in is not required for Public guests, who we hope will complete the online booking procedure with ease.

Below, you can see the appearance of the online booking calendar grid. Unlike a typical calendar, the dark columns are actually the prime Friday and Saturday nights. The new mobile version looks similar.

The Alpine Booking System is developed and maintained by CBDWeb in Melbourne. We are very pleased with its operation and the support we are receiving from its principal, Nik Dow. We encourage more club lodges to adopt the online system. We hope you like the following features:

  • simple navigation
  • instant viewing of vacancies
  • interactive day and room/bed selection
  • automatic calculation of tariff depending on room, season, day of week, and membership level
  • online credit card payment through the secure services of PayPal
  • transaction statements.